Tammy & Samson | Hong Kong

Hong Kong | July 2014

We joined a photo package with fei photo from the wedding expo. That staff at the expo was very friendly and definitely drew our attention to having my doggies in our photo shoot. There are 2 days to our photo shoot, one indoor in the studio and the other outdoor.

The first thing that we had to do after booking the package was to go choose our outfits for the shoot. Staff at the shop was really helpful when we had trouble choosing our outfits.

For the outdoor photo shoot, we had to reschedule due to bad weather. The staff did a great job at giving us the heads up on the situation and I have to say a very quick setup for our rescheduled outdoor photo date. For the indoor shoot, my 2 doggies came along with us. It was a great feeling knowing that the staffs there love dogs too. The girl that did my makeup was very friendly and spend time to giving me ideas as to what type of hair style I should have for a slimmer face, how my eyes could look naturally bigger and so on. The photographer was very professional and his directions to how we should stand and where to look was pretty clear. Some of the poses seems weird at the time of shoot, but once I saw the photo in the camera, those weird poses actually makes us look slimmer.

For the outdoor photos, it was great to have the same crew with us. One of the photo shoot destination was shut down due to police investigation and the photographer quickly found another that was close by. It was great that we managed to get sunset shots after the destination change. All in all it was 2 fun days with the Fei crew.