Billie & Johnny | Hong Kong

Hong Kong | August 2014

Fei Wedding was referred to us by a friend. Initially, we only planned to use Fei Memory for our big day. The sample photos we were shown successfully lulled us into giving pre-wedding a second go. It was 26 Aug and our big day was only three weeks ahead then. The staff Bo and Hami were kind enough to arrange our photo-taking two days later. The following day we returned to the studio to choose our gears for the shooting.

Everything was done in a couple of days. The clothes were stylish and, more importantly, clean. The staff were good at reading minds and they could pick the styles that were palatable to our particular taste at ease.

On the day of photo-shooting, Sam was our photographer and he was good at giving clear instructions for posing and “chok”ing. I liked his setting a high standard for the photos he took his stubbornness to the minutest details gave us a sense of security, although to anyone taking pre-wedding photos the first time, feeling odd is definitely not uncommon.

Natalie was the make-up artist of the day and she was very helpful throughout the shooting. Special thanks to the assistant Andy, he was not only helpful but also spontaneous and showed no sign of weariness during the day.

The photographer planned according to the weather to avoid the burning heat or to catch the perfect sunlight without digressing from our itinerary. So, the heat though bubbly, did not drain away our energy.

The post production was done in only a few days and we are looking forward to the final products. What was also impressive is the questionnaire regarding how, where, and to what degree you want the pictures to be photoshopped. This is very considerate.

To conclude, the shooting and after service were done smoothly in a very short time. The staff were very helpful and proactive in offering their help.